Which SUV Is Right for You?

March 29th, 2018 by

2018 Mercedes-Benz GLE parked outside a house by a lake

Do you prize fuel efficiency or power? Do you need plenty of seating, or do you prefer a more compact setup? No matter what you want and need, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in the Mercedes-Benz SUV lineup. So which SUV is right for you? Find out below!

Fuel Efficiency or Power?

If you want to reduce your economic impact, consider the:

  • Mercedes-Benz GLC which has a plug-in hybrid power rated at 73 mpge.
  • Mercedes-Benz GLE offers a plug-in hybrid power rated at up to 55 mpge.

In terms of power, all Mercedes-Benz SUVs offer AMG® engines, but the greatest output comes from the:

  • Mercedes-Benz G-Class which tops out at 621 hp from the V12 AMG® powertrain.

Cargo Space or Seating?

If you are looking for a SUV that has all the space for your family and more, then check out these available options:

  • Mercedes-Benz GLE seats up to five people while also opening up 80.3 cubic feet for your gear. If your people-carrying needs are smaller, opt for this model.
  • Mercedes-Benz GLS proves ideal for the whole family, as it seats seven people and boasts a maximum of 93.8 cubic feet for cargo.
  • Mercedes-Benz GLA seats five people and holds up to 43.6 cubic feet but is considered a compact SUV for a car-like drive.

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