Mercedes-Benz Extended Limited Warranty

Coverage for greater peace of mind.

Life is a journey that can take you in many different directions. To help protect against the unexpected obstacles along the way, there is Mercedes-Benz Extended Limited Warranty coverage. Gain the peace of mind that comes with the exceptional coverage and service you get with Mercedes-Benz Extended Limited Warranty.

The Mercedes-Benz Extended Limited Warranty is available for purchase before, and is effective as soon as, the New Vehicle Limited Warranty expires.

Extended Limited Warranty Options:
1 Year
1 Year
75,000 Miles
100,000 Miles
2 Years
2 Years
75,000 Miles
100,000 Miles
3 Years
3 Years
75,000 Miles
100,000 Miles

Take advantage of 0% financing through Service Payment Plan, Inc. (SPP) for your Extended Limited Warranty Plan, or prepay the entire Extended Limited Warranty amount up front. Your dealer will work with you to help you determine the approach that will best fit your needs.

Benefits you will find value in.

With the Mercedes-Benz Extended Limited Warranty, you’ll enjoy:

Measurable Value.

  • Provides a level of coverage beyond the New Vehicle Limited Warranty1
  • Helps to retain market value and vehicle integrity by using Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts
  • Transferable to another owner when sold in a private sale, helping to maintain vehicle value

Greater Convenience.

  • No deductibles, prior approvals or cumbersome paperwork
  • Honored at any of the more than 350+ authorized Mercedes-Benz dealerships (U.S. and Puerto Rico)
  • 100% refundable if cancelled prior to the expiration of the New Vehicle Limited Warranty2

Unmatched Service.

  • Service by expertly trained Mercedes-Benz technicians
  • Using the latest diagnostic equipment specifically designed for Mercedes-Benz vehicles
  • Restored to factory standards and specifications

Mercedes-Benz Extended Limited Warranty Coverage:

The Mercedes-Benz Extended Limited Warranty is an extension of the original New Vehicle Limited Warranty with a few exceptions3, and covers the components listed in the chart below.

Mercedes-Benz Extended Limited Warranty Covered Components3
Passenger Car 4MATIC® Components
SUV 4-Wheel Drive System
Rear Axle
Cooling System
Fuel Injection System
Electrical Systems
Steering System
Suspension Traction and Stability Systems
Climate Control
Power Seat Drive Cables
Central Locking System
Navigation System
Radio Receiver
CD Player
Antenna Motor and Mast

More great protection.

The Mercedes-Benz Extended Limited Warranty offers additional coverage with term options for up to three years after the original New Vehicle Limited Warranty expires.

After your Mercedes-Benz New Vehicle Limited Warranty coverage expires, by time duration or mileage, the Extended Limited Warranty continues to cover:

  • Powertrain components
  • Suspension
  • Brakes (excluding normal wear of discs and pads)
  • Steering
  • Electrical systems
  • Climate control
  • Audio and navigation systems
  • Central locking
  • Convertible/retractable top systems (if applicable)
  • Additional components as listed in your Extended Limited Warranty Agreement

Plus, your Extended Limited Warranty includes the legendary support of the Mercedes-Benz Roadside Assistance program available to you with Sign and Drive service, providing a technician to:

  • Jump-start a dead battery
  • Change a flat tire with your spare
  • Re-inflate flat tire on vehicles equipped with Tirefit kit
  • Bring fuel for an empty tank

Put your trust in us. To purchase the Extended Limited Warranty or to learn more,
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Coverage exclusions may apply4.

  • Vehicle batteries, tires, shock absorbers/suspension struts, phone and communications service infrastructure, soft top, glass, paint and appearance items
  • Damage due to lack of required maintenance, improper maintenance or the use of other than original equipment parts, non-approved parts or fluids, improper body repairs
  • Repairs required due to normal wear and tear, normal maintenance services
  • Damage due to accidents, misuse of vehicle, negligence, fraud, improper adjustments, disconnection or tampering, alterations to the vehicle, objects striking the vehicle
  • Damage caused by outside influences and the environment such as acts of nature, fuel or fluid contamination, corrosion, mold or airborne fallout
  • Repairs not performed by an authorized Mercedes-Benz Dealer
  • Vehicle used for commercial purposes
  • Any amount exceeding the actual market value of the vehicle

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1 Please see your dealer or the Extended Limited Warranty Agreement for complete terms, including coverage exclusions and warranty information.

2 Prior to the expiration of your 4 year or 50,000 miles New Vehicle Limited Warranty. Refunds for subsequent cancellations vary by state regulations and are described in the Extended Limited Warranty Agreement.

3 This is a summary of coverage. Some types of service are not covered under the Extended Limited Warranty plan. Please see your dealer for complete terms, including coverage exclusions and warranty information. Not available on Maybach, SLS, and SLR.

4 This website provides general information about the optional Extended Limited Warranty product and should not be solely relied upon when purchasing coverage. Please refer to your Extended Limited Warranty agreement for details of terms, conditions, and specific coverage details, including limitations, exclusions, transferability and cancelability. Coverage may vary by state. This product may not be available for all vehicle models. Please see your dealer for more information.

Product offered and administered by Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC, and marketed through Mercedes-Benz Financial Services.

The details are subject to change.