How to Get Better Gas Mileage With Vehicle Maintenance

2022 Mercedes-Benz GLE SUV Parked Under Power Lines

Does vehicle maintenance affect fuel consumption? Many drivers around Atlanta and Cumming are surprised to find that the answer is yes! When your car functions properly, it can make better use of every drop of fuel. But when your systems are sluggish, your gas mileage can tank! Find out how to best utilize maintenance for better gas mileage, and schedule your next service appointment with the factory-trained service technicians at RBM of Alpharetta.

Best Maintenance to Improve Gas Mileage

The good news is that maintenance for better gas mileage is in line with the standard Mercedes-Benz Service A and B, which means it won’t take extra time out of your busy schedule. Here are some of the services that will keep your gas mileage high during your Johns Creek travels. 

  • Tire Pressure: Low tire pressure is one of the most common reasons for poor fuel economy. The U.S. Department of Energy reported that every decrease of 1 psi decreases fuel economy by 0.3%! Check your owner’s manual for the proper tire pressure, and use a gauge or Tire Pressure Monitoring System to keep tabs on your tires.
  • Air Filters: Clogged air filters not only prevent clean air from circulating throughout the vehicle, but they can also drop your gas mileage by a few percentage points. Air filters are inexpensive to replace, so check your manual or ask your technician when to schedule a change.
  • Motor Oil Replacement: One of the top maintenance tips to improve gas mileage is replacing your oil. Old oil gets thick and contaminated, which can slow down your engine’s performance – dropping your fuel economy up to 3%! Replace your oil regularly to keep your car at peak efficiency.
  • Prompt Service: Many factors can tank your gas mileage, so quick service is essential. A faulty oxygen sensor can drop your MPG by 40%, but a brief trip to the service center can fix the problem.

Learn How to Get Better Gas Mileage at RBM of Alpharetta

So, does vehicle maintenance affect fuel consumption? Absolutely, and RBM of Alpharetta can help you find the proper maintenance to improve gas mileage around Johns Creek. Contact us with any questions about recommended service for your Mercedes-Benz model, and feel free to schedule your appointment online!


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