How Does Your Mercedes-Benz Tire Pressure Impact Your Car’s Fuel Efficiency?

2021 Mercedes-Benz GLB


How do properly inflated tires help increase gas mileage? Fluctuating temperatures in a single day, two days, or a month can decrease your tire pressure. This naturally happens with the expansion and contraction of your tires due to temperatures and other influences including climate, traffic, and road conditions. If you are curious, do tires affect fuel efficiency? Then you are asking the right question. Explore how your Mercedes-Benz tire pressure affects your fuel efficiency on Atlanta roads below. 

How Do Tires Affect Fuel Efficiency? 

One NHTSA study found that on average, drivers without a TPMS system underinflated by 1.4 pounds per square inch (PSI), which decreases significantly to 0.35 PSI with vehicles equipped with a TPMS. The same study determined that “every 1% decrease in tire pressure correlated to a 0.3% reduction in fuel economy.” This can cause significant real-world impacts on your gas mileage. So, what factors impact your Mercedes-Benz tire pressure? Dive into the details in the next section, then read more about the maintenance that can help you improve gas mileage

Factors Impacting Mercedes-Benz Tire Pressure

With gas prices going up, most Cumming and Johns Creek drivers are looking for ways to save on their daily commutes. Having an idea of what can decrease your tire pressure can help you improve gas mileage. Some things that can impact your tire pressure can include:

  • Temperature: If the Alpharetta-area experiences any significant drops in temperature from one day to the next, then your tire pressure will decrease. This is because temperature and pressure have a proportional relationship, so the constriction of the air at colder temperatures causes the molecules to move slower and thus the pressure to decrease. The opposite is true when it warms up. 
  • Driving Speeds: Driving at high speeds can also impact your Mercedes-Benz tire pressure as the weight of the vehicle causes the side walls of your tires to expand at higher speeds. 

We know our customers enjoy the power of our vehicles, so be sure you visit RBM of Alpharetta and keep your tires properly inflated before you drive at high speeds. 

What is the Proper Mercedes-Benz Tire Pressure for Your Vehicle?

After answering the question, “How do properly inflated tires increase gas mileage?” You may be curious about the proper inflation of your MB tires. There are a few locations in your vehicle where you can find the correct numbers. First, you can check inside the fuel filler door, you’ll also find the numbers located on the outside of your tire or the right side of the driver door jam.

Improve Gas Mileage with Proper Tire Maintenance at RBM of Alpharetta! 

At RBM of Alpharetta we make it easy for our Milton and Johns Creek customers to keep their vehicle operating properly. When it comes to tire maintenance we have you covered. Schedule your next service appointment in Alpharetta and improve gas mileage with ease. 


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