How to Clean Car Seats

Leather seat in an Alfa Romeo Stelvio

Leather car seats remain in demand for their luxurious look and feel. However, these gorgeous vehicle seats can become discolored, dry, and cracked without the right care. To keep your vehicle interior looking pristine, learn how to clean leather car seats with the following guide. We at RBM of Alpharetta are dedicated to helping residents throughout Atlanta and the surrounding areas maintain their vehicles for as long as they wish to drive them. And remember, our service department is here to help you with any car maintenance tasks you are unfamiliar with or don’t have time for! 



How to Clean Leather Car Seats

Items you need: 

  1. Leather cleaner, mild leather soap, saddle soap, or 1 part white vinegar/2 parts linseed oil solution.
  2. Soft-bristled interior brush–do not use a carpet brush or any other stiff implement! 
  3. Microfiber towels.


  1. Refer to your owner’s manual before you start cleaning. There might be specific products you should and should not use to clean leather car seats.
  2. Gently vacuum the seats to remove any food crumbs, dirt, and other loose particles, since harsh vacuuming can scratch the leather. For the seat cracks, clean them with an air compressor or the crevice tool on your vacuum. 
  3. Eliminate oil and dirt on the seats with your leather cleaner or other applicable solution. Spray the cleaner on the microfiber cloth to remove surface grime. 
  4. Give your leather a deeper clean by spraying the solution directly on the material and carefully scrubbing it with your soft-bristled brush. If you have perforated leather seats, spray the cleanser on the brush before cleaning to avoid seepage.
  5. Use a clean, dry microfiber towel to wipe away all traces of the cleaner.

How to Condition Leather Car Seats

Learning how to clean leather car seats is merely one part of the maintenance process. Conditioning car leather keeps it moisturized and supple, which prevents unsightly brittleness and cracking. Ensure your selected conditioning product features natural ingredients, since waxes, silicones, and petroleum distillates are too greasy. Follow these steps to maintain soft, pliable leather seats: 

  1. Apply a small amount of your product on a clean, dry microfiber cloth. 
  2. Condition the material using circular motions and let it soak in for about an hour. 
  3. Park your vehicle in your garage, under your carport, or another shaded location. Quick drying in the sun prevents full product absorption. 
  4. Carefully buff the seats with a fresh microfiber cloth to finish conditioning car leather.

It is also a good idea to park in shaded areas around Cumming and the nearby communities whenever possible to shield your leather car seats from the heat, and to keep a cleaning solution and microfiber cloths in your car. Doing so makes it easy to remove debris and spills, and subsequently extend the working life of your leather car seats. 

Keep Your Vehicle In Excellent Condition at RBM of Alpharetta Near Johns Creek

Now you know how to clean car seats of the leather kind! For professional vehicle maintenance, call . RBM of Alpharetta provides a full suite of car repair and maintenance services, flexible hours, drop-offs, and pick-ups. 

Be sure to check out our latest service and parts specials before making an appointment, as we routinely offer maintenance deals! For additional maintenance tips, check out our guides on luxury vehicle care and five things to do when getting auto service


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