Mercedes-Benz OEM Parts vs. Aftermarket Parts


Do you need replacement parts for your new or pre-owned Mercedes-Benz? Wondering whether you should try your luck with inexpensive generic parts from a Atlanta supplier? True — aftermarket parts cost less than Mercedes-Benz OEM parts and accessories, but there are several good reasons why. Compare Mercedes-Benz aftermarket parts vs. genuine parts below to see why OEM parts should always be your first choice.

Why Choose Mercedes-Benz OEM Parts?

You’ll pay more for Mercedes-Benz OEM parts than you would for aftermarket, but the following benefits justify the cost:

  • Warranty Coverage: Unlike aftermarket parts, Mercedes-Benz genuine parts come backed by a 12-month warranty that helps protect you from any manufacturing defects.
  • Reliability: Your warranty coverage may be placed in jeopardy if you use aftermarket parts. If you install an aftermarket part on your Mercedes-Benz and an issue develops, you may lose your coverage if the problem in question can be traced back to the inferior part.
  • High Performance: You don’t need to worry about modifying an OEM part for the best fit; it’s been designed and manufactured to fit your vehicle.
  • Quality: There’s almost no difference between Mercedes-Benz factory-original and Mercedes-Benz OEM, so you can expect the same level of quality.
  • Simple Shopping Experience: Unlike auto parts dealers around Cumming, we can find the right part for your model and trim quickly without any back and forth or guesswork.

Boost Ride Quality with Mercedes-Benz Performance Parts

Want a little more from your Johns Creek drive? When you drive a luxury model like a Mercedes-Benz or even an AMG®, you can’t rely on aftermarket parts to give you the handling, speed, and power you desire. The powertrain and handling systems on high-performance cars can destroy generic parts surprisingly quickly. Fortunately, Mercedes-Benz performance parts are guaranteed to fit and work as intended. Additionally, genuine Mercedes-Benz performance parts are comprised of higher quality materials and will last longer, so you get more for your investment. A few options include:

  • AMG® package
  • AMG® performance parts
  • Adjustable suspension for comfort, handling, or sporty driving

Find Replacement Mercedes-Benz Parts at RBM of Alpharetta!

Do you have questions about Mercedes-Benz OEM parts or performance upgrades for your Mercedes-Benz car or SUV? Contact us or visit us near Atlanta! Be sure to ask about our current parts specials, so you can get the parts you need for less. Already know what you need? Order parts online!

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